The finest expression for style and beauty. Since 1977.

Having been in the business of creation masterpieces that are an epitome of elegance, beauty and perfection since 1977, Krikor and Haroutioun Yessayan have made their distinct mark in the world of fine jewelry. Their vision shone through times of war and emerged in lasting glory and Yessayan Jewelry is regaled for its excellence in craftsmanship and design. From the conceptual stage to the final timeless work of art, the attention to detail given to every intricate element of the jewelry is the legacy they pass on to their customers. Purity of quality and unmatched expertise are values the brand bases itself on. From the Gulf region to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and The United States, the popularity of Yessayan Jewelry is a story to behold.*
* Text and picture from Yessayan Jewelry website / Facebook page