Composed of three turn-of-the-century old houses, located in Rue Pasteur, the project retains the beauty and charm of its aged stones. Built in the 18th century and previously belonging to three of the most renowned families in Beirut, the location is a piece of our cities history. With a central garden dominated by a great Olive tree, the Gathering already stirs people’s attentions towards its green character.

The Gathering brings to the table exquisite Italian dishes, hearty premium grills, and bar gastronomy bites. The project takes the experience one step further by adding the option for customers to buy wholesome organic products, fresh cut meat from the butcher, and a remarkable wine collection including upwards of 1,000 bottles.

The Gathering also goes to great lengths every morning to bring high quality, organic produce from the country and the region, reducing the carbon footprint of the project. Staying true to our belief in innovation, The Gathering is a “green” establishment, from our outdoor space to the eco-friendly items used all throughout.*
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* Text and pictures from The Gathering’s website / Facebook page.