Set el Hesen, a Lebanese legend of a beauty icon who made all women jealous, is the name of a Lebanese restaurant and cafe situated in the locale of a traditional Beiruti house in Ain Mraysse, with a special terrace/view of the beach and a warm oriental interior decor and sitting (a la “Turkish Mcharrabiyya and Diwan”).

The menu offers a variety of Lebanese specialties (some with a “Chef twist”) from cold mezze, hot mezze, to Plat du jour, grills, desserts and drinks, guaranteed to make you rediscover Lebanese cuisine and remind you of the traditional home-made cooking.

Generous serving sizes, does offer dessert after lunch/dinner, appropriate dishes temperature, timely and friendly service, does offer Shisha (hubble bubble, for the fans).

Best-known-for: Fattouch, Thyme Salad, Grilled Kibbeh, Fatteh with Eggplants, Shish Barak.

Do-not-miss: the dessert “Ghraybeh”.

Price: around 30 USD/person (if you’re sharing mezze and grills)