“Conceived in 2002, Maki was inspired by Japanese cuisine and culture. The elegance, modesty, and piety of the Japanese culture, complemented by extravagant, healthful, and delectable ingredients, have transformed Maki into what it is today: A culinary haven!
Maki’’s cuisine transcends the boundaries of culture and country. Maki embodies what fusion cuisine is all about. French, Italian, American, and Mediterranean, are examples of some of the various cuisines that Maki infuses with Japanese ingredients and cooking methods. The products of this fusion are wonderful, scrumptious, and healthy dishes offered to our guests. By no means is Maki a traditional Japanese restaurant, and for certain you will have a culinary adventure unmatched by another…Come in, be at home, be entertained, and enjoy Maki!”*
Delivery and Take-Away available.

Price Range: $30-50+
* Text and pictures from Maki’s website / Facebook page