If you take a look inside our busy kitchens, apart from the delicious smell of falafels cooking, you will notice an array of healthy ingredients and Just how fresh they look. That’s because we are very particular about what goes into our food.

Our menu is served made-to-order from fresh premium vegetables and ingredients. We carefully choose our ingredients importing them from selected countries, and operating under the most stringent quality and hygiene policies.

Our kitchen operates following the most stringent hygiene standards and the strictest local and global health standards including the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The oil we use is 0% cholesterol sunflower oil and is changed daily.

For the more health-conscious, we offer baked falafels as well as a whole-wheat alternative to the regular saj bread.

Just the way you like it.”*
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* Text and picture from Just Falafel’s website