“IXSIR is the fruition of a partnership between friends who share the same passion for wine, Lebanon, and the dream of associating the name of a prominent wine to their fatherland.
Wine has been considered the nectar of the gods for millennia, echoed in stone by the imposing temples of Baalbek.
Until recently, however, pleasing the international wine market has proven more difficult for Lebanese wines than pleasing the gods, due to a number of administrative quality control issues.
IXSIR, a new local label launching summer 2010 with winning reviews from top international wine critics, is rising to this challenge with a fierce commitment to quality in taste and a sincere effort to put Lebanese wines back on the world map, one glass at a time.”*

IXSIR mention in The New York Times, “Top Chefs and Restaurateurs Are Drawn to Beirut.”
* Text and pictures from IXSIR’s Facebook page