Located among majestic hills at a cool 750 meters above sea level, the Grand Hills Hotel & Spa affords breathtaking views of both the mountains and the golden coast of Beirut stretching out below.
The Grand Hills Hotel & Spa is located in a picturesque pinewood pedestrian village, rediscovering the tranquility and friendliness that are its trademarks; with a new art-de-vivre where luxury rhymes with comfort.
The resort’s five star hotel features 118 hotel rooms and 52 residential luxuriously furnished apartments, restaurants and bars, a nightclub, international spa, a gym, three swimming pools, banquet and conference facilities and a shopping center.
Fountains, streams and cascades sparkle in the sun everywhere on the blossoming balconies, around the many terraces and amid the lush vegetation and charming walkways.*
* Text and pictures from Grand Hills Hotel & Spa’s website