Gilt, a restaurant-bar in Saifi Village, Beirut, is the latest creation from renowned restaurateur, Marwan Keyrouz. Its trendsetting décor – designed by Architect Issam Barhouch – is seamlessly and flawlessly integrated into a restored historic building located on 752 Gouraud St. The visual surroundings are enhanced by the unique selection of music and presents connaisseurs with a most satisfying sensory experience found nowhere else in the region.

The menu of Mediterranean, Asian and Peruvian fusion, designed by Chef Maroun Chedid, sets Gilt apart from other restaurants of its caliber. Each signature menu item is a perfect balance of color, texture and flavor intended to make each mouthful an elevated gastronomic event.

Gilt’s subtle, metamorphic nature confirms its position as the go-to place for all those seeking an experience unlike any other and ensures that one will return to witness this transformation time and time again. The exuberance of the space, the cultural integration, the food, drink and functional comfort rapidly cements Gilt’s reputation among Beirut’s trendsetters.*
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* Text and picture from Gilt’s Facebook page.