Artspace Hamra is an art gallery and multidisciplinary space, promoting and supporting modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art. By conducting exhibitions, thematic residencies, art education and hosting cultural events, the organization aims to create an interactive and open platform for the arts. Our ambition is to initiate a dialogue among cultures and promote awareness of Middle Eastern art both locally and globally.

Artspace Hamra is home to both a commercial art gallery and nonprofit organization which supports non-commercial art projects and events. This twofold approach allows our organization to broaden its engagement with visual culture, creating a sustainable and uncompromising platform for public interaction and cultural expression.

Artspace Hamra is situated on the 6th floor above bustling Hamra Street, an airy and versatile space of over 300 sq. meters, with a bird’s eye view of cosmopolitan Beirut. Artspace Hamra opens May, 2015.
Artspace Hamra Gallery

Artspace Hamra showcases the work of emerging and established artists from Lebanon, the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. While maintaining a broad regional focus, the gallery promotes art that is challenging, defies clichés and is internationally relevant.

Artspace Hamra regularly holds solo exhibitions as well as collaborates with curators and guest artists to present thematic shows and events. We represent a multi-generational group of artists working across a diverse range of media and approaches.
Artspace Hamra Projects

Artspace Hamra Projects seeks to create a sustainable platform for non-commercial contemporary art events and activities in Beirut, Lebanon. ‘Projects’ funds and facilitates contemporary art practices that invite public interaction, cultural expression and community involvement. This includes thematic residencies for invited artists, non-commercial exhibitions, free lectures, symposia, workshops and other art-related events that are open to the public. The organization aims to create an interactive and open platform for the arts. *

* Text and pictures from Galerie Pièce Unique’s Facebook page