Founded during December 2011 by art dealer and consultant Joy Mardini, Art Factum Gallery is a fresh space devoted to presenting all forms of contemporary art. It is located in the Quarantine District, an industrial sector in the outskirts of Beirut, and exists as the renovated product of an old steel factory.

Be it through paintings and photography, design and illustration, installation and video, Art Factum represents and supports a number of renowned, not to mention young and emerging international and Middle Eastern artists by hosting both solo and group shows.

Apart from exhibiting artworks, the gallery also acts to consult corporate and private investors and collectors, where consulting services include handling the coordination of new or existing collections of artworks, and giving advice concerning any number of artists or artworks.

Art Factum’s main focus revolves around an unwavering dedication towards art, achieved by transforming the gallery into a living socio-artistic hub, thus delivering the otherwise unspoken cultural, intellectual, and artistic messages communicated by the artists through their products onto the viewing public. That, in turn, allows it to be a solid means of granting artists, and the public alike, an opportunity to discover and follow-up with the ever-expanding world of contemporary art. *
* Text and pictures from Art Factum Gallery’s Facebook page