“Al Madina theatre aims to represent a milestone for the lebanese in the cultural and political development of the country.

Founded by Nidal Al Achkar in 1994, Al Madina theatre developed into the Al Madina Theatre Association for Arts and Culture in March 2005.

Since the Lebanese government does not have a system of subvention, the Al Madina Theatre association for Arts and culture was founded on private and institutional donations from the Lebanese and Arab world as a non-profit Association.

Al Madina Theatre aims to promote dialogue and to create a space of free expression for all issues facing the Lebanese and Arab societies.

It is a multidisplinary plateform bringing together artists, writers and intellectuals to present their work.

In addition to plays and performances, Al Madina theatre organizes exhibitions, screens movies ( cine- club), and hosts cultural events such as conferences, seminars, lectures, book signatures, workshops, etc….”
* Text and picture from Al Madina Theatre’s website.