By Karen Chekerdjian

October 29.14- November 29.14

Opening reception: Wednesday October 29, from 6pm to 9pm
About the exhibition

Four collections of transformed and transforming objects

Trans/form invokes liminality, a fluid and malleable situation that throws everything into question, perpetuating change and constant mutation.
A dining table becomes a rock formation. A vase becomes a sheet of metal. A platform becomes a lamp.
A plurality of different material and functional beginnings metamorphose into different states, changed conditions and varied modalities. The standing objects are in uninterrupted dialogue with their environs, drawing meaning from their surroundings while simultaneously altering their very parameters.
Each individual piece, restructured and reformed by hand, bares the imprint of a multitude of gestures, lived experiences and narratives, evoked with every interaction and following transformation.

“Design is not important, my mentor would constantly tell me.”
In time and not without frustrations, Karen Chekerjian came to understand and embrace such guidance. Indeed “design is not important,” designing is.
Karen’s trajectory into designing was unsystematic, comprised of working experience in film, advertising, graphic and industrial design, and a three-year formative mentorship with Massimo Morozzi in Milan.
Her work calls on gesture and evokes a sense of place, while also decisively blurring what she believes have become rather rigid distinctions between art and design. She is a storyteller, interested in designing potentials for dialogue and narrative.
Karen Chekerjian Studio is currently located in the port of Beirut. Her work can be found in Nilufar (Milan), 19 Greek Street (London) and Carwan Gallery (Beirut).