Praed is the duo of Swiss musician Paed Conca and Lebanese artist/musician Raed Yassin. Formed in 2006, the duo experiments with a complex and vast terrain of sonic/musical influences and geographies. Through a critical examination of the relationship between music and collective memory, Conca and Yassin fabricate a soundscape composed of dislocated audio fragments: vocal samples stripped of theircorresponding bodies and sounds freed of their images. Samples from Egyptian Shaabi and Dabke music meet head-on with free jazz and sprawling electronics. Humor is a key motif in Praed’s music, in which Karaoke and sound effects from popular Arab films proliferate. The duo’s recordings are often offshoots of live performances in which radio transmissions, film soundtracks, and musical samples shape an abstract yet dynamic listening experience.

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Doors open at 9:30 pm
Concert starts at 10 pm
Ticket: 25.000 L.L.