Into the Language of Maps
Workshop Led by Hiba Kalache

Sunday December 28, 2014 from 12-2pm
Language: English/Arabic

Registration fee: 10$ per person
Maximum number of participants: 25

Open to adults and children aged 6 and above
To register email or call (01) 397-018
About the event

This month’s Sunday workshop will be led by visual artist Hiba Kalache, whose work is exhibited on the ground floor in the context of Exposure 2014.

The two-hour family workshop will revolve around maps and ways to draw and paint new locations. Humans have, since the beginning of times, the tendency and need to make sense of themselves and the world at large, as well as to orient their discoveries. They do this by drawing maps. A map can be seen as a method for exploring and navigating spaces of memory and imagination. They reaffirm a constant search for meaning.

The question that will be raised is, how can we use real and imaginary maps to satisfy our curiosity and our desire to put order into a specific (chaotic or not) space? In this workshop we will use the language of maps, both emotional and physical ones, to express, draw and paint new mapped out locations.
Hiba Kalache is an interdisciplinary artist born in Beirut. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. Using the hand drawn and painted image as well as the sculpted space, she explores the ways people process and deal with notions of memory, trauma, time, and place. Kalache has exhibited in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Her work was shown in Beirut, Istanbul, Berlin, Brussels, New Orleans, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, and Singapore. She also participated in art events including Art Dubai, Drawing Now (Paris), Art is the Answer! (Villa Empain) and Gwangju Art (South Korea) among others.