Keiko Higushi & Morishige Yasumune

Voice & Cello

Wednesday May 29, 2013 at 8pm
Entrance: 15 000 LL

About the event

Keiko Higuchi

Keiko Higuchi is a vocalist, pianist, and performer residing in Japan. She began playing improvisation while in the United States with a band called Saturnalia. Upon her return to Japan in 1998 she started touring with butoh dancer, Imre Thormann, as well as various other musicians and groups. Her work is not only limited to her improvised vocal work; she also sings with pianist Shin-Ichiro Kanda in her solo piano/vocal setting, DUEL (Mitsuru Tabata, ASTRO, Kelly Churko), Uso Tsuitara Hari (with HIKO), etc… As an improviser, she has performed with many musicians in and out of Japan.


Morishige Yasumune

Born in 1963, Osaka, Japan, Yasumune plays improvised music. He learned playing the cello by himself, and has developed his unique sense of improvisation, making various sounds, as well as silence, with acoustic instruments. He performs with musicians, dancers, and poets, and sings his original songs while playing the cello. Yasumune is also a photographer, Photographs, his first photo book, was published by Powershovel Books in 2010.


The Duo

Keiko Higuchi and Morishige Yasumune started to collaborate in 1999 following a joint performance with Swiss button dancer, Imre Thormann. Since then, they have had many duo improvisation performances mainly in Japan. This duo is characterized by making various sounds out of human voices and acoustic cello, but also noise and silence. Awai, their first duo album has just been released by French label Improvising Beings.