Join us for a “picnic festival” in 13 locations around Beirut, to demand the reopening of Horsh Beirut to all! A coalition of 12 NGOs will take over specific locations and turn them into a green space for a day! (see list of locations below)

Why is Horsh Beirut so important?

It is the largest green space in Beirut.
It is public property, and belongs to us ALL.
Yet it has been CLOSED to the public for more than TWENTY years, and only a few people are granted access to it.

After completing the renovation of Horsh Beirut ten years ago, the Municipality of Beirut has not yet opened it to the public, and has never provided a legitimate or acceptable reason for this decision.

A coalition of NGO’s are going to take over 12 spots in Beirut, to demand a clear decision from the Municipality of Beirut to open Horsh Beirut, and to provide us with a date for its opening, keeping in mind that we gave them a full study on how it can be protected from. Our inalienable right to public spaces means we all have the right to access it, without exception.

We will not stop campaigning for our right to public spaces in Beirut. Having access to public green spaces is essential, especially in crowded and polluted cities like Beirut. It is a basic social and public health need, and provides an essential space for interaction among citizens who are usually separated by political and sectarian divides.

JOIN US for a nice day at “Horsh Beirut all over Beirut”, bring your picnic baskets, bicycles, kites, kids, and let’s remind all those responsible that Opening Horsh Beirut is our RIGHT,
Time: Saturday June 16th 2012 from 4pm to 7pm

1- Gemayzee/daraj al fan
2- Frn al chebak
3- Mar-mkhayel in front of the bus/train station
4- Wata lemsaytbe
5- Ain el mrayse
6- Sassine square
7- Rawshe
8- Tayyouni
9- Hamra Facing Veromoda
10- Hamra facing Estral
11- The National Museum
12- Zaytouna Bay main road
13- Riad alsoloh

Participating NGOs: Lebanses Skateboarding Association , Cityact, LPHU, Lebanese Transperancy Association, Beirut Green Project, React, The Environmental Rescue Party, The green party, NAHNOO, Green Peace, Nahwa Al Muwatiniya, Save Beirut Heritage, greenline, Madaniyyoun, Chamel, THE ROTARACT CLUB OF BEIRUT, AUB Enviromental club, Lebanese International Training and Development Association

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