“Circling Jezzine” is a fun and touristic outing organized in Jezzine district.
This activity takes place one to twice a month in which you will discover the beautiful villages surrounding the town of Jezzine, its green valleys and peaceful nature.

(outings for private groups are available upon request)

Open for 25 participants over 2 consecutive Sundays

Date: Sunday the 16th of March 2013

Level: medium
Length of the track: approx 25 km
Terrain characteristics: medium uphill, strong downhill and muddy off-road

1- Program:

7h30 a.m – 8h00 a.m: rally point in front of “Tour de Lyon” – Emile Edde Street, Hamra

+ Transportation by car (car pooling recommended)
+ We will provide with a bicycle rack to your car that can fit 2 bikes.

8h00 a.m: departure to Jezzine

9h30 a.m – 9h45 a.m : arrival to “Sabbah”

9h50 a.m – 10h00 a.m : Bicycle pick-up

10h00 a.m – 10h15 a.m :
+ Start of the ride from “Sabbah” to “Jezzine” town
(on road)

12h15 a.m: after passing by “Jezzine”, we reach “Batter el Chouff” (on road)

12h55 p.m: arrival to Jezzine water fall and snack break (off-road)

1h30 p.m: departure from the waterfall towards “Bésré” (off-road)

3h30 p.m – 4h00 p.m: end of the ride at “Bésré”
+ a pickup and bus will transport us back to the rally point

4h30 p.m: departure to Beirut from “Sabbah”

6h00 p.m : arrival to Beirut (depending on traffic condition)

2- CyclingCircle will be providing:

– Insurance (Commercial Insurance)
– Bicycles and helmets
– Bicycle rack for your cars (fit 2 bikes)
– Cycling Marshals
– Maintenance and support

3- Fees:

30$ including : bicycle and helmet rent, bicycle rack for car to put your bikes on it, transportation from the end point to our cars

participants with own bicycles : 13$

4- What to bring:

– Snacks and beverages (energy bars, dried fruit, etc.)
– Small back pack (weight on your back should not exceed 3 kilos)
– Sunglasses, gloves
– Spare socks and spare shoe
– Windproof jacket
– Digital camera

5- Recommended breakfast:

– Oatmeal, orange juice, apple, etc.
– Pasta, cheese and bread, etc.

+If you had alcohol on Saturday night, or slept late, you won’t get out easily during the ride :)

6- Required information for reservation:

– Full name
– Date of birth
– Blood type
– Phone number
– Number of bicycles needed
– Between 14 and 18 years old: an email + a written and signed permit by your parents allowing you to participate.

Deadline for registration: 1 day before the ride

7- Registration via:

Email address: info@cycling-circle.com
For more info, kindly contact us on the following number: 03 12 66 75

+ By Joining this event, you’ll be contributing in the development of our Eco-friendly unique project : Deghri Messengers

This ride is supported by Critical Mass, covered by Commercial Insurance, our official and exclusive sponsor.